Ways to Find a Suitable Influencer for your Business & Rock on Social Media

The top Influencers of today’s society are not just the media or content creators (famous personalities), they are both.

Influencers marketing your business can boost your Return on Investment (ROI) to 11 times of the customary digital marketing. 71 percent of the marketers believe that keeping an ambassadorship with an influencer is the most effective way of influencer marketing, thus getting the right influencer for your company or brand is the most important part of your online marketing strategy. Following are the ways to find influencers appropriate for your business.

Following the Influencers

The most basic task for the purpose of sourcing influencers which many marketers time and again ignore is to follow them on their social media pages and accounts.

Following influencers allows you to spread your brand’s word through that particular influencer on the same level as possible customer would see your add. But with majority of the users online using add block its favourable to follow an influencer. It also enables you to take in the content from other latent partners if they align with your brand.

You can also monitor weather the influencer’s way of talking is in favour of your brand’s voice. Is the influencer posting recurrently? What is the influencer’s rate of market saturation with paid and unpaid content and sponsorship etc.

Influencer for your Business

Another advantage of following an influencer is that they allow you to keep an eye on your contestants. Which influencer are they using. It also allows you to look out for other influencers that you might want to reach out to if that they aren’t already associating with your competitors.

Look out for them more than just following

It is very easy to get fake followers or to have bots follow you. In early 2018 a lot of social networks that provided fake follows were exposed. Many of them were also deleted, but handfuls remain out there that allow users to buy fake followers for a cheap price. The way to avoid these fraud influencers you can impartially look at their followers and their engagement rates with the influencer.


Weather they respond and comment on the posts. If the person doesn’t have a bio, very rarely updates their social media platform or leaves spam comments on posts etc, then it is a fake account. The best way to look for an account that uses follow bots or bought their follows is to see if the influencer has thousands of followers, but they get very few comments on their posts.

Working with smaller influencers

It is not necessary to only reach out to large or popular influencers. With fake followers being so common with them, you should not ignore smaller influencers with their genuine followers. Many of these prevailing influencers that are at the time small will reach out can contact with brands through direct messages to get a sponsorship.

You should not disregard their enthusiasm. Meanwhile you should check their accounts too for good content, fake followers, connections and sincerity with their followers etc. These types of influencers can be very beneficial as they can be very passionate representatives of your brand.

Author Bio, References & Recommendations

The Authory Jenny is currently a part of Followersin.com. It is a website that gives an option to influencers to buy 1000 instagram followers for fast promotion. However, the blog is published after research from following references:

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