How lavender oil is good for skin

The scent coming from Lavender Oil is relaxing and soothing; it can give a really good sleep. This flowering plant has really amazing properties that help in curing many skin and other health issues. This oil has multiple uses and can provide a lot of support in maintaining the beauty of hair and skin. In routine everyone must use at least a single product containing lavender oil, this will definitely have a lot of positive outcomes in the body. The problems like nausea, insomnia and headache are immediately solved. In terms of skin, lavender oil is really helpful in removing the pimples as well as blackheads. Some of the other skin benefits obtained by this oil are as follows.

Act as skin detox

The environment has a lot of toxins that can damage the skin. The pollution, dirt as well as stress can give rise to multiple skin and health issues. Many premature aging signs begin to appear if these toxins start to accumulate on the skin. The appearance becomes really rough and skin start to look rough. The antioxidants present in lavender oil can prove helpful in removing the negative effects caused by these pollutants. The nerves as well as mind are calmed down that ultimately has a calming effect on the skin giving it a fresh glow. If the person take bath in water mixed with Lavender Oil for about 20 minutes, it will make the hormones and sensory parts work properly.

Treatment of acne

Mostly people think that putting oil on the skin will make the situation worse. This is not true in case of plant oil. Lavender oil does not clog on the skin and the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of this oil are the best solution for acne problem. This is far better than the harsh chemicals. Powerful bacteria can be killed by this oil and no irritation is caused. The damages and cracked skin is rejuvenated and hormonal balance is achieved. This act as a toner for skin and deep cleansing of skin is done when the cotton soaked in this oil is applied on the skin.

Healing cuts and burns

Burns are among the common problems of skin and mostly people have a common issue in dealing with the bruises left after getting burnt. The infections are removed by the antimicrobial properties and any kind of microbial and fungal disorder does not occur. The healing process speeds up because of the compounds present in this natural oil. Many researchers have shown that lavender oil is best in curing fungal and bacterial infections.

Dealing with the scalp and other skin issues

Human skin is very sensitive to dryness and dandruff. The skin on head can be improved by the use of lavender oil in many ways. The problem can be controlled easily by applying lavender oil. The issues of dandruff, itchy scalp and dryness can be solved in no time. This problem is solved when the person mix about 15 drops lavender oil with two tablespoons of olive or almond oil. This mixture is then heated in the oven for 10 seconds and gentle massage is done on the scalp for effective results.


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