Ways to Find a Suitable Influencer for your Business & Rock on Social Media

The top Influencers of today’s society are not just the media or content creators (famous personalities), they are both.

Influencers marketing your business can boost your Return on Investment (ROI) to 11 times of the customary digital marketing. 71 percent of the marketers believe that keeping an ambassadorship with an influencer is the most effective way of influencer marketing, thus getting the right influencer for your company or brand is the most important part of your online marketing strategy. Following are the ways to find influencers appropriate for your business.

Following the Influencers

The most basic task for the purpose of sourcing influencers which many marketers time and again ignore is to follow them on their social media pages and accounts.

Following influencers allows you to spread your brand’s word through that particular influencer on the same level as possible customer would see your add. But with majority of the users online using add block its favourable to follow an influencer. It also enables you to take in the content from other latent partners if they align with your brand.

You can also monitor weather the influencer’s way of talking is in favour of your brand’s voice. Is the influencer posting recurrently? What is the influencer’s rate of market saturation with paid and unpaid content and sponsorship etc.

Influencer for your Business

Another advantage of following an influencer is that they allow you to keep an eye on your contestants. Which influencer are they using. It also allows you to look out for other influencers that you might want to reach out to if that they aren’t already associating with your competitors.

Look out for them more than just following

It is very easy to get fake followers or to have bots follow you. In early 2018 a lot of social networks that provided fake follows were exposed. Many of them were also deleted, but handfuls remain out there that allow users to buy fake followers for a cheap price. The way to avoid these fraud influencers you can impartially look at their followers and their engagement rates with the influencer.


Weather they respond and comment on the posts. If the person doesn’t have a bio, very rarely updates their social media platform or leaves spam comments on posts etc, then it is a fake account. The best way to look for an account that uses follow bots or bought their follows is to see if the influencer has thousands of followers, but they get very few comments on their posts.

Working with smaller influencers

It is not necessary to only reach out to large or popular influencers. With fake followers being so common with them, you should not ignore smaller influencers with their genuine followers. Many of these prevailing influencers that are at the time small will reach out can contact with brands through direct messages to get a sponsorship.

You should not disregard their enthusiasm. Meanwhile you should check their accounts too for good content, fake followers, connections and sincerity with their followers etc. These types of influencers can be very beneficial as they can be very passionate representatives of your brand.

Author Bio, References & Recommendations

The Authory Jenny is currently a part of Followersin.com. It is a website that gives an option to influencers to buy 1000 instagram followers for fast promotion. However, the blog is published after research from following references:

Abidin, C. (2016). Visibility labour: Engaging with Influencers’ fashion brands and# OOTD advertorial campaigns on Instagram. Media International Australia161(1), 86-100.

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How lavender oil is good for skin

The scent coming from Lavender Oil is relaxing and soothing; it can give a really good sleep. This flowering plant has really amazing properties that help in curing many skin and other health issues. This oil has multiple uses and can provide a lot of support in maintaining the beauty of hair and skin. In routine everyone must use at least a single product containing lavender oil, this will definitely have a lot of positive outcomes in the body. The problems like nausea, insomnia and headache are immediately solved. In terms of skin, lavender oil is really helpful in removing the pimples as well as blackheads. Some of the other skin benefits obtained by this oil are as follows.

Act as skin detox

The environment has a lot of toxins that can damage the skin. The pollution, dirt as well as stress can give rise to multiple skin and health issues. Many premature aging signs begin to appear if these toxins start to accumulate on the skin. The appearance becomes really rough and skin start to look rough. The antioxidants present in lavender oil can prove helpful in removing the negative effects caused by these pollutants. The nerves as well as mind are calmed down that ultimately has a calming effect on the skin giving it a fresh glow. If the person take bath in water mixed with Lavender Oil for about 20 minutes, it will make the hormones and sensory parts work properly.

Treatment of acne

Mostly people think that putting oil on the skin will make the situation worse. This is not true in case of plant oil. Lavender oil does not clog on the skin and the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of this oil are the best solution for acne problem. This is far better than the harsh chemicals. Powerful bacteria can be killed by this oil and no irritation is caused. The damages and cracked skin is rejuvenated and hormonal balance is achieved. This act as a toner for skin and deep cleansing of skin is done when the cotton soaked in this oil is applied on the skin.

Healing cuts and burns

Burns are among the common problems of skin and mostly people have a common issue in dealing with the bruises left after getting burnt. The infections are removed by the antimicrobial properties and any kind of microbial and fungal disorder does not occur. The healing process speeds up because of the compounds present in this natural oil. Many researchers have shown that lavender oil is best in curing fungal and bacterial infections.

Dealing with the scalp and other skin issues

Human skin is very sensitive to dryness and dandruff. The skin on head can be improved by the use of lavender oil in many ways. The problem can be controlled easily by applying lavender oil. The issues of dandruff, itchy scalp and dryness can be solved in no time. This problem is solved when the person mix about 15 drops lavender oil with two tablespoons of olive or almond oil. This mixture is then heated in the oven for 10 seconds and gentle massage is done on the scalp for effective results.


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What is the theory behind Letter Soup Game ?

What is the theory behind Letter Soup that makes it an attractive app for you to play?

Description: are you having an interest in what is the theory behind Letter Soup that makes it an interesting app for you to play? Here you will get all the latest information and answers to your doubts.


Do you think you can honestly find the right words in a bowl of soup? Apparently, you have played so many types of different games but now feast your eyes with letter soup that will give you the feeling of various cuisines and also boost your mind power and vocabulary as well. Some games are promising to take you the top of your game, and you eventually end up becoming a mature one. Well, this one is a game that offers you more than traditional apps where you have to rethink twice you can jumble the letters in soup and use it to find the right ones. It sounds very delicious.

Some people whether they are kids or adults have their question related to word cookies answers key game that they can’t only become connected to them and get bored for wasting long hours. But in this case, you will not only enjoy but also seeing every single letter in the bowl you can make great use of your brain.

letter soup game free

After saying this we below have listed some of the real facts of what is the theory behind letter soup that makes it an intriguing app for you to play to help you understand what is the perfect way to play it, how many levels you will get to see in it, who is the developer behind this app, is it essential to use cheats to solve puzzles, and why you certainly don’t want to miss this one.

  • What is the perfect way to play it?

You will be amazed to see that where common words appear on boards in this one you can see alphabet letters on a bowl of soup and you need to match them until they show bubbles.

  • How many levels will you get to see in it?

The numbers of levels are endless on this one. You get daily updates from playing it. As you play ‘’letter soup daily answers’’ the anagram will become more and smarter but attractive at the same time.

  • Who is the developer behind this app?

This app created by candy writer LLC who are famous for making word app using different plants for people of all ages to enjoy and ply it on answerskey.com.

  • Is it essential to use cheats to solve puzzles?

Some letters will make confuse, or you can’t find the right combination for that you can set ‘’letter soup tricks’’ to make an appropriate one to solve puzzles quickly.

  • Why you certainly don’t want to miss this one?

This one makes a tasty new puzzle app that you will remember for many months. Letter soup has all the fun and enjoyment you can see in a complete game app.

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Social Media Marketing Internship Experience

A few months ago I would’ve told you that “I’m not really familiar with social media”, “I don’t really like it because there’s too much drama” or that “I don’t really use it”. This would be a lie though, I had a Twitter, but I rarely tweeted anything myself. It wasn’t until early June 2017, where I was required to create an account on other social platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. I still find that I’m not using social media all that often,mainly just to browse, but I’m learning a lot about social media marketing and why it is important. I currently have a summer internship with RyePoint Internet Marketing, where I am learning about social media marketing, along with other types of marketing and website design.
During the middle of my junior year of high school, I went to the career development teacher and asked about how I can obtain an internship.I continuously went back to her office, week-after-week, because there are not many graphic design companies looking for high schoolers in our area. She was very helpful in helping me find one and her efforts were successful. RyePoint Internet Marketing was the only business that contacted me for an interview and I’m really glad they did. Without this internship, I would probably be sitting at home watching Netflix all summer long, but I’m going to the office and learning more and more everyday. I went into my first day thinking I was going to be a Graphic Design intern, but I was surprised. I am learning a bit of everything: website design, search engine optimization, creation of graphics, blogging, and social media marketing.
Nowadays the majority of people are on social media, whether they care to admit it or not. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, I can go on and on about the different platforms, but ultimately, they have an account in at least one of these, for me, that one was Twitter. During the first few weeks of my internship, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a FV Small Biz Connect meeting, where the whole topic of that night was to discuss social media and tips the different businesses have. I practically went into it “blind”, but I had my tip ready. I was mainly interested in hearing how the other businesses use social media and what I could learn from them or their mistakes. I was the youngest person sitting in the meeting, at the time 16, and I could already tell that most of the people there expected me to know the most about the different social platforms, mainly because I am a teenager. Wrong. I was there to learn from them, surprisingly and no one really expected it though.
As for some of the tips that were discussed, mine was about adding relevant images because I know that I’m drawn towards posts that have pictures and not just lines and lines of text, as most people are. There were 8 people at this meeting and all of them agreed with me, but I could tell just by their reactions, they were expecting me to have a better insight just because I was much younger than them. Another tip from the meeting was to have a schedule or at least stay consistent when posting, so people know what to expect out of the post. For example, some people post: Motivation Monday or Throwback Thursday posts that relate back to their business. This may seem obvious, but not many know that posting regularly could help bring traffic to their website/page.
This meeting was almost a month ago and since then I have learned more about social media. I have been “promoted” to a social media “manager” of the RyePoint facebook page, this is where I can post regularly on the page to be sure that when search engines see his page, that it is optimized. I have not posted anything on the Facebook page yet, but my role is to be sure that there is a post at least once or twice a week. Most likely it will be a summary of one of the blog posts I have previously written, including a the link to the blog itself. There will be other posts in addition to those, but we just haven’t discussed what they would be yet.
In addition to the FV Small Biz meeting, I also have the opportunity to be a part of the Fuquay-Varina Chamber of Commerce Marketing Committee meetings monthly. As a part of this, we discuss how we can promote the GO>FV app, through social media. There are regular videos posted on Facebook, YouTube, and other social media pages that bring a lot of people to download the app. Even though there have only been 3 videos posted, we have noticed that everytime something is done to promote the app, there is a peak in downloads. Just like most things, if there is a lot of information out on the internet, the more people see it causing more downloads or clients. I am really grateful to even have the opportunity to go and attend these meetings which seem really important. All the people that are a part of this marketing meeting are all Fuquay-Varina Chamber members and they are letting me experience what a really meeting looks and sounds like.
I definitely agree that without social media, businesses may not have the same amount of traffic to their websites like run 3 unblocked games. Social media marketing/advertising is a cheaper way to show people what your business is and what you are all about. Without a doubt, getting clients is every company’s goal, so an outstanding social media presence is going to be very beneficial. It’s not likely that someone will return to a page if it has not been updated in awhile. The business that updates regularly is more likely to get the most clients. On average, people spend nearly 2 hours (116 mins!) on social media daily! Most businesses do not realize this or take advantage of it but some businesses do realize this and many of them Buy Instagram Followers to get clients. I have learned a lot as a outcome of having an unpaid summer internship in high school, compared to working at a fast food restaurant for minimum wage. This will help me decide what I want to major in college, but as of right now, I’m still undecided. I know for a fact that without this summer’s experience, I wouldn’t have learned about the importance of social media.

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6 Ways to Naturally Erase the Signs Of Aging 

If you’re looking for the means to look younger and turn back the hands-of-time, there’s good news for you.  Up to 90% of wrinkles, sags and bags have nothing do do with Father Time, and can be easily prevented, diminished and reversed just by doing some very easy and very natural things.  Check out 6 ways you can easily and naturally erase the signs of aging, starting right now.

  1. Close Your Eyes to Erase 10 Years

Numerous studies at the University of Kentucky and elsewhere have shown that simply closing your eyes twice a day for 20 minutes and doing nothing but concentrating on your breathing, relaxes and opens up capillaries (tiny blood vessels), increasing the flow of healing nutrients and oxygen to delicate cells at the skin’s surface in your face.  This oh-so-relaxing anti-aging trick is so powerful; you can expect your skin to look three years younger within just a couple months, and look as much as ten years younger by sticking to this twice-a-day relaxing routine for the long-term.

  1. Walk for A Radiant Glow

According to European researchers, taking 3 brisk 1 mile walks weekly can shave up to 8 years off the appearance of your skin.  Regular moderate exercise boosts your body’s production of growth hormones, plus lowers your production of the ever so damaging stress hormones cortisol and adrenalin.  And, that hormonal shift also stimulates the growth of fresh, healthy new skin cells, preventing wrinkling, sagging and lack-luster skin.  It even slows how fast your hair turns gray!

  1. Get The Egg-Glow

Egg yolks are loaded with lutein and zeaxanthin, powerful antioxidants that deliver a significant youth boost by strengthening skin cells, which is a critical step in sealing in moisture.  The results?  Your skin’s surface will be less prone to dryness and the fine lines that accompany it.  In fact, research shows that eating 1-2 eggs daily increases moisture in your skin by up to 60%, keeping your skin looking young, radiant and egg-glow!

  1. Firm Up With Powdered Greens

The best skin rejuvenators come from the phytonutrients found in fresh fruits and veggies.  But, don’t worry if you can’t fit in the recommended 5-9 servings a day.  Powdered greens to the rescue.  Simply adding 1 teaspoon 1 Tablespoon of concentrated powdered greens to a glass of water daily, will give you a huge dose of those rejuvenating phytonutrients, and mopping up free radical acids in the skin, which are shown to increase wrinkles and to sag.  Depending on the brand, each serving gives you the benefit of pounds of fresh veggies, plus hundreds of skin-healing vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, and antioxidants.  Drink 1-2 servings of a quality powdered green supplement daily, and expect to start seeing some pretty amazing results in just 2 weeks! Do you know how to be anorexic by applying these tips?

  1. Make Love To Stop The Clock

A landmark Scottish study found that people, who had sex four times weekly, look 12 years younger than they are!  The researchers theorize that physical intimacy boosts the production of anti-aging, feel-good hormones such as endorphins and oxytocin, while at the same time also increasing the flow of rejuvenating nutrients in the bloodstream to the collagen fibers, muscle and other supporting tissues responsible for keeping skin youthful looking and firm.

  1. Smooth Those Lines with Olive Oil

Scientists have found that people who regular cook with extra-virgin olive oil, as well as use it topically, are much less prone to wrinkle-causing process in the body, than those who cook with other oils, fats or lard.  The reason why?  Olive oil is naturally loaded with healthy monounsaturated fat and rich in compounds that strengthen and protect the skin’s underlying support structure.

Looking younger is not only achievable, but it’s downright easy and natural to do so. Visit our blog http://healthandcaretips.com/ .

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